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Designing with love.

Hey y’all!, I’m Jennifer O’Connor, founder of wrapology. I’m the creator and stylist for all things sweet, pretty and delicious!

I am a happy wife and proud mom to Blythe (22), Fleur (20) and Yale (18). wrapology was born in 2020 from my deep passion for creating gifting moments to make people feel extra loved and special. My desire to gift in unique ways is the real motivator for everything we do at wrapology. We are having way too much fun, eating far too much candy and looking forward to growing wrapology to be your favourite sweet stop for any occasion.

Where the SWEET story really began…

When I try to think about when this creativity all started I’m taken back to my own childhood, where my own mommy, known to all as Noni, was the neighbourhood party planner. Noni would orchestrate elaborate parties for any occasion, creating an experience you would never forget. So, I guess it was in my blood, because long before I had my own children I loved to make moments special with unique gatherings, gifts, gift wrapping and treats.


Fast forward to 2001 when my daughter, Blythe, was approaching her first birthday. A medieval parisian princess party seemed a fitting theme for our princess. Connecting the theme through colours, treats, the experience and the decor came so naturally. I continued to elevate this creativity for years, planning my own children’s parties, parties for friends and events for charities. Over the past 20 years I have worked with some incredible businesses and not-for-profits to create custom dessert tables, fundraising events and giveaways. But the passion always comes back to the treats! wrapology really began as a launching pad for sharing ideas and inspiring others to embrace the art of gifting. The custom treat and candy boxes have become our signature way to wrap it all up. Our treats are curated from all over the world, making the variety and flavours unique in every way. 

Our candy art boxes all have unique names, exclusive to wrapology. Each sweet treasure is named for someone or something special and meaningful to us. Occasionally we will ask you to help us name a candy box, we love to hear what you come up with! wrapology is my way of bringing enthusiasm, creativity and my love of all things sweet to your special event and to your lives!

xoxo, jenn (a.k.a.



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